Welcome to Strix Elixirs Quality eLiquids.  Our eJuice is premium quality; it is pre-steeped in small batches and ready to vape right out of the package. Each flavor is custom-steeped in small batches for the optimal amount of time according to its own proprietary recipe.  Strix Elixirs is based out of Dallas, Texas but sells Worldwide.

What is steeping

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Check out some of our quality eLiquid flavor profiles:

Applegasm: Not just one, but two apples. A little seet, a little tart.

Banana Slam: Banana, a hint of cream and subtle undertones of chocolate.

Bewitched: 2 Oranges and 2 Creams

Blue Honey: Blueberries and honey, incredible combination.

Black Honey Cream: Blackberries, honey and cream, soo smooth.

Ramrod: Fruity rings breakfast cereal, but it’s an all day vape.

Purple Rain: Iconic grape soda.

Nocturne Shakedown: Fudge brownie, toasted marshmallow and a bit of peanut butter.

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black honey cream

I found out about Strix Elixirs from the Zamplebox vape lounge on Facebook. I am glad I did.

This flavor is easily an all day vape.

Will be reordering again soon.

Reviewed by: Christopher from Quitman, GA.
Black Honey Cream
pixie dust

If you enjoy candy flavored ejuice, you’ve got to get yourself a bottle of Pixie Dust.

This stuff will transport you right back to your childhood! It is sweet and tart just like the pixie stix they are modelled after so you get all the enjoyment of the candy but you get to avoid the sick stomach that comes with eating too many of them! I particularly enjoy vaping Pixie Dust after lunch and in the evenings as it actually helps curb my post – meal sweet tooth 😉

Reviewed by: Karen from PA.
Pixie Dust

StrawZilla is an amazing strawberry vape; I’m going to get that out of the way right now.

It is a 5 Star flavor, without a doubt. What makes StrawZilla something special is that the strawberry flavor is creamy, almost buttery, and buttery is not what I would expect from a strawberry eJuice. It tastes like a strawberry milkshake made with cream instead of milk, or strawberry ice cream made with cream and butter. Add a good throat hit and huge amounts of vapor, even from a lowly cartomizer, and it’s just unbelievably good. If you like strawberry flavors you will love this one, and it can work as an all-day vape anytime. 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Julia 

frozen tundra

Whoooosh!! Ahhhhhhh….NICE & FROSTY

Crisp and cool all the way. People who like a minty menthol taste will not be disappointed with this one. Hits the back of the throat like a powerhouse and the exhale is cool and smooth. Produces mad amounts of vapor. This is my all day vape and I love it! Clearly a Strix Elixirs winner!

Reviewed by: Gayle from West Virginia.
Frozen Tundra
blue honey

Superb Juice Blueberry heaven!

This flavor will definitely be part of my daily rotation

Reviewed by: Katie from Abilene, Texas
Blue Honey
Banana Slam

I happen to be a big fan of banana juice & this is the BEST 1 I’ve ever tried.

I just got my 1st Strix order today & am so impressed with how flavorful y’alls product is. I’ll definitely be ordering bigger bottles soon!

Reviewed by: Katie from Abilene, Texas.
Banana Slam

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